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Case Studies

To make it easier to understand the power of the ASPSMS solution, we created some simple case studies for you. Please choose a topic:

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News Distribution

There are different types of SMS news distribution. Here are some examples:

  • Daily news to large groups of subscribers
  • Instant news, based on special events and preferences
  • Stock Quotes
ASPSMS offers professional solutions for news distribution by SMS.

The case: Daily News

You are publishing a newspaper. You need a reliable service to send SMS to thousands of your clients worldwide. Your clients subscribed to your daily SMS news on your site..

Business critical elements:

There are relevant key factors for daily SMS news:

  • Database driven handling of numbers, names and content.
  • Fast and worldwide delivery capacities
  • Quality control.
    You need to know if the messages reached the clients. Our delivery notification feature gives you all information that you need in real time.
  • Newspaper branding in the originator of each message.
  • Attractive prices and long term reliability.
Next steps:

  1. Free registration on to open an account for your publishing house. No monthly fee.
  2. First initial SMS order or ask us for a test volume of SMS. In both cases you need an account on first.
  3. Choose the right tool to do the daily news delivery.

Depending of the skills of a publishing house we recommend various tools:

  • SMS Blaster
    • SMS Blaster. If you don't have the skills to integrate additional software products in your existing publishing software, we recommend our stand alone SMS software SMS Blaster. It's a Windows based free software. Handling is easy. There is no need for technical skills. SMS Blaster supports any originator, also alphanumerical ones. A very usefull functionality is to set the name of a newspaper brand as the originator of an SMS. A phonebook with the ability to detect duplicates is integrated. There are various functions to import textfiles and SMS Blaster databases with thousands of mobile phone numbers. A very important feature for quality control: A sendlog with delivery notifications is included. You have the possibility to prove that you sent the news to a client or delete wrong numbers and save money, when sending more daily news.

      SMS Blaster

      More information on SMS Blaster download.
  • Webedition

      You want to start immediately? This solution is made for users who do not want to install an application on their PC but access their data from any computer with internet connection. The address book is managed online and bulks of hundreds or even thousands of personalised SMS can be sent.

    Developer-Tools for news and content houses:

    If you intend to integrate our SMS service into your existing content delivery system or if you want to develop your own software with messaging functionality, our various APIs will be perfect for you:

    • Only suitable for companies with inhouse developers. The developer should know how to set up a JSON API (REST). Using JSON you are independend of the operation system. JSON can be used on Windows, Linux, Unix, Android etc.. Code for parsing and generating JSON data is readily available in many programming languages. Our JSON API allows to send high quantities of SMS in a very short time.
      More information on
  • SOAP Web Service
    • Only suitable for companies with inhouse developers. The developer should know how to set up a SOAP Web Service. Using SOAP you are independend of the operation system. SOAP can be used on Windows, Unix and Linux. Our SOAP Web Service allows to send high quantities of SMS in a very short time.
      More information on
  • XML-Interface
    • Only suitable for companies with inhouse developers. The developer should know how to set up an XML-interface. Using XML you are independend of the operation system. XML can be used on Windows, Unix and Linux. Our XML-interface allows to send high quantities of SMS in a very short time.
      More information on
  • Active-X Component (aspsms.dll)
    • Only suitable for companies with inhouse developers or very experienced office suite users. Developers should either know how to integrate an Active-X component in a Windows Application or how to set up a component on a Internet Information Server (IIS). Our Active-X component allows to send high quantities of SMS in a very short time.
      More information on

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